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The Dough Club: The Cat Mochi Donuts

The Cat Mochi Donuts and Ruby Hot Chocolate

New Instagrammable spot alert. Calling all the pink lovers to visit this new cute spot in Manhattan. They have these adorable Animal Donuts that will go viral, not to mention the cute and delicious Ruby Hot Chocolate.

Alerta para esse nova point mega instagrammable. Atenção aos apaixonados por rosa que enlouqueceram com essa loja mega fofa. Eles são os primeiros a criar Donuts com rostinho de gatinhos e esse chocolate quente rosa. Nova febre vindo ai.

Ring Donuts

They are live on Grubhub, Seamless, Ubereats and Postmates. Now you can Netflix and enjoy your Mochi donuts at the comfort of your place.

Eles também fazem delivery. Agora poderá assistir Netflix comendo Donut no lar da sua casa.

Location: 119 Baxter Street, New York, NY.
IG: @thedoughclub

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