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How to get free makeup: Influenster


What is Influenster?

Influenster is the place to discover new products! Influenster is home to over 25 million honest reviews, thousands of photos, and tons of discussions from savvy shoppers like you. When you join Influenster, you become a part of our amazing community of members: you can ask and answer product questions, create lists of your go-to products, post photos on social media of the items you’re testing, read and share articles about new products, and make your voice heard by sharing your opinion on any product you’ve tried!

How to Get a VoxBox:

  1. Download the Influenster app. It’s free and fast! The app gives you access to exclusive content and features, and if you do qualify for a VoxBox, campaign activity will need to be done on the app, so get a head start and download it today!
  2. Sign up for Influenster and fill out your profile. This is the most important step! VoxBoxes are an exclusive for our members, so make sure you’re a registered Influenster. Fill out your profile completely: the more you tell us about yourself, the easier it is for us to send you VoxBoxes you’ll love. And, don’t worry, we’ll keep your information safe. Also, be sure to upload a profile picture!
  3. Fill out your snaps!Once you fill out your profile, you’ll start to notice occasional alerts on your Influenster dashboard that indicate when you have snaps. Snaps are quick questions that help us get to know you better. Make sure you answer them when you see them!
  4. Connect your social and follow them on their social media accounts! Make sure to connect your Instagram, and other social media accounts, to increase your likelihood of getting selected for a future VoxBox. Connecting your social accounts is easy! Simply head to your profile page, click on “impact,” and link any social accounts you have.
  5. Fill out your reviewer profile. Are you a brunette with dry hair who is mostly interested in straightening products? Are you looking for the perfect product to help your combination skin combat dark spots? This is the place to make that known! Filling out your reviewer profile gives them a clearer picture of your interests and the kind of products that you would be a good fit to test out!

How do you increase your chances of qualifying for a VoxBox?

The best ways to increase your chances to qualify for a VoxBox are by connecting your social networks to your impact score, completely filling our your user profile and interacting with them from your connected social networks on social media!

How often does Influenster send out VoxBoxes?
Influenster sends out multiple VoxBoxes featuring various brands every month. 
Where does Influenster ships?
They do not currently ship to India (yet), however, they have just launched in the UK and Middle East.
They currently offer shipping to 50 states within the US (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) as well as all territories and provinces in Canada.
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  1. Do they ship to Germany? I have and account and been posting for a while. But didn’t get anything regarding free products


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