Lincoln’s Deluxe Drive-In Double Feature event

Raquel Gerlani

Lincoln’s Double Feature event at Pier 17’s The Greens was very pleasant surprise as we enjoyed the scenic view of the city at sunset from the roof, Lincoln’s newest luxury crossover SUV, a double feature “drive-in” movie, and some delicious food, cocktails, and champagne.

Raquel Gerlani
Raquel Gerlani

The event was super comfortable in these new pandemic stained days. Lincoln’s staff was top class be ready and available to all of our wants and needs but gave us the space to enjoy the experience of sitting back and enjoying the movie and the cars comforts on a lovely Friday evening. And comfortable it was. Let me just say if you’re in the market for a compact SUV it is definitely worth checking out! I’ve never enjoyed a few hours in a car more. Spacious and simple elegance for its interior and good sound quality from sound system.

I had so much fun. Follow me on Instagram!

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