Fashion Hong Kong: Yeung Chin

CENTRESTAGE, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), went virtual in 2020, with both the exhibition and fashion shows migrating to an online platform.

Fourteen promising local designers overcame the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to showcase their creations at a special fashion show, competing for the five YDC awards being given out this year.

CENTRESTAGE combined traditional fashion shows with computer-generated imagery. The six unique runway shows featured the latest collections from more than 40 Hong Kong and Asian designers.

I must be honest, I enjoyed the virtual version better. I was able to watch it holding a glass of orange juice and in my pajamas and still felt the adrenaline of the unknown. I love to be surprised with the creativity of the designers but this time I was also surprised with the high technology involved during the 3 days of fashion shows.

CENTRESTAGE is an ideal platform for designers and fashion brands to get more exposure. Their website features 240 brands and designer labels from 23 countries and regions. Bringing us the glamour doesn’t matter where we are.

There is no boundary for fashion, and CENTRESTAGE delivered new theatres of style to a world-wide audience.

Will virtual runways shows be the “NEXT” trend? I cant confirm, but it would be great to continue to have the actual fashion show (once Covid is over) transmitted virtually to reach more fashion lovers.

Together the world of fashion will overcome collective challenges and be a real new vision.

It was amazing to see how the technology, combined with creativity, created a mesmerizing virtual fashion show.

In the days of COVID, everyone is reinventing themselves in a variety of creative ways, and I think Yeung Chin completely captured the current vibes of today with the newly inspired collection that I had the luxury of being introduced to during NYFW via the virtual fashion show. Although not a conventionally ideal platform to debut a new collection, the execution and simplicity of the presentation allowed the line to completely speak for itself.

YEUNG CHIN is all about challenging conventional aesthetics, using art, film, and dance to create fashion.

I loved how he played with men wearing long t-shirts as if it were a dress.

The wide belt made a huge difference in the outfit. Every single piece is wearable.

You can see photos below of his 2020 collection and view his runway show here.

Here is the link to each show

Participating Brands:


I want to invite you all to view the virtual runway show. Here

Lead Sponsor of CENTRESTAGE 2020:

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