My After-Work Evening Pamper Routine

This blog post is sponsored by Dove. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Work = stress. I’m also the type of person who is very easily frazzled, so treating myself after a long day is essential for my sanity. I currently juggle a marketing job, work freelance, and run a blog, so by the end of the week I’m either ready to cry or already asleep. That’s why when it comes to the end of a stressful working day, one of my favorite things to do is give myself a mini spa night and really enjoy the evening. They’re inexpensive, they always cheer me up, and they always fit perfectly into my overall night routine.

As much as I love an all-out treat yo self kind of day, there’s something about a relaxing evening that always feels so cozy. The sun is setting, the central heat comes on, and it’s getting closer and closer to the magical hour that reunites me with my bed. I value my time at home, so I like to keep my pamper routine simple and sweet, like a DIY de-stress spa at home!


One of my favorite things to do as soon as I get home is to remove my makeup and do my skincare. It feels so good.
My everyday routine is very simple, because I find less is more for my sensitive skin. 
I just remove my makeup, do 5 min of steam to open the pores for better penetration of  the night cream. 


If I’m going to relax, I start with my mind. It’s usually the nosiest and most stressful thing I have to deal with, so it’s important to get it renewed first. The tool I use is to read a meditation book. The one I am currently reading is : A Woman’s Book Of Meditation by Hari Kaur Khalsa.


Okay, full disclosure, I always struggled with dry and sensitive skin but never got lucky finding a good Body Wash that would moisturize and clean my skin at the same time. Most of the products I’ve tried literally after 1 minute of showering, I would start scratching my skin. The ones my friends recommended had an awful smell, like medicine. I was giving up trying to find one that was affordable, with great scent and that would do the job of cleansing. That is when I found out about the NEW Dove Body Wash and decided to give it a try.

Made with the new Moisture Renew Blend formula – a mix of skin natural nutrients and a plant-based moisturizer –  Dove Renewing Peony & Rose Oil Body Wash is a gentle cleanser that not only cleanses but moisturizes your skin as you shower. This body wash works into a rich, creamy lather that emits the pleasant fragrance of peony and roses.

This is my favorite body wash of all brands I’ve tried before. It does a nice job at cleansing without drying out my skin. But, hands down the reason I am completely in love with the Dove Renewing l Body Wash, is the wonderful fragrance.It is very rich yet clean. I even put it in my hand wash pump jar for my bathroom sink. I am a huge fan of Peony and Roses. The scent is completely intoxicating. It’s so great. But let’s not forget to mention the wonders it does to your skin. It gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower and is #1 dermatologist recommended body wash.


Last but not least. I love to drink tea before going to bed. It calms my soul and my mind and helps me to fall asleep super fast. I love Camomile tea with honey. 

Now that the winter is almost here I’ll be drinking way more tea. 

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